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Reach Out and Read In

Federally Qualified Health Centers


Reach Out and Read is a national nonprofit with programs in every state that gives young children ​a foundation for success by incorporating early literacy and relational health promotion into ​pediatric primary care. Our mission is to promote children's literacy and social-emotional health ​during the span of rapid brain growth and development between birth and age five. We want ​families to leave their well child visits with the resources they need to help their children thrive.

our partnership with ​health centers

Although all children deserve and benefit from ​participating in the program, we prioritize children ​in historically marginalized communities who ​benefit the most. As part of our effort to expand ​with equity, we are working to increase our ​partnership with Federally Qualified Health Centers ​(FQHCs)

Some of the questions on our National application ​do not apply to FQHCs. Our FQHC Team is here to ​help you navigate the application. Contact them ​today!

PROGRAM benefits

for clinics

  • When delivered with fidelity, Reach Out and ​Read improves provider satisfaction and ​enhances patient-provider relationships. ​Practitioners routinely report that giving a child ​a book is the highlight of their day.

  • Parents in participating practices are more ​likely to rate their pediatrician as helpful.

  • Staff at successful sites express heightened ​commitments to their community and show ​higher levels of teamwork.

  • Participation reduces practitioner stress and ​burnout.


  • It’s FUN! Giving a child a beautiful new book is a ​great way to start a visit.

  • The book is a valuable tool for developmental ​assessment.

  • Books engage and calm anxious children.

  • Clinicians appreciate being able to offer caregivers ​meaningful, positive literacy promotion messages.

  • Delivering the program creates opportunities for ​positive caregiver/child interactions and builds ​stronger provider connections with the family.

  • Books help spark conversations about important ​topics like sleep routines, nutrition, and school ​readiness.

Reach Out and read

enhances pediatric practice

our commitment to healthy programs

Doctor with smiling baby

Program Support

  • Development support: ROR fundraises on ​behalf of it its clinics and provides FQHCs with ​100% of the funding they need to run the ​program.

  • Training: We offer on-line, program specific ​training for providers and support staff, as ​well as access to a library full of free training ​resources (most of which offer CMEs).

  • Dedicated program specialist: Your clinic will ​be assigned a dedicated member of the ROR ​program team to help with program setup, ​book selection and ordering, reporting, and ​troubleshooting any issues that arise.
Doctor Examining Baby

success by design

Healthy, sustainable programs have:

  • A Medical Consultant who actively champions the ​program and a Site Coordinator who keeps the ​program running smoothly

  • A training plan that ensures that new staff complete ​the online course promptly

  • A book delivery process that ensures that gets the ​book into the child’s at the beginning of every well ​child visit

  • A tracking system that accurately maintains the ​clinic’s inventory of program books

How to join Reach Out and read

Helpful tips

You can start and stop an application as many times as you would like. You can temporarily ​put “n/a” in a section in order to move through other parts of the application you are ready to ​complete, but you will eventually need:

  • Information about how many children you see each year and their demographics (age, ​race, language spoken at home, and insurance coverage).

  • Your clinic’s W9 (a federal form that documents your Taxpayer Identification Number)

  • If you are a nonprofit organization, a copy of your IRS 501c3 determination letter

  • A letter from your organization’s leadership indicating that they support your clinic’s ​participation in Reach Out and Read. (There is a template on the National Center’s website, ​and we have a special one for our region’s Federally Qualified Health Centers.)

If you are having trouble answering a question, please contact us. We are here to help!

Reach Out and Read is 501(c)3 nonprofit that gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating ​books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.

To Support Our Programs:

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Contact Our FQHC Team:

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