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Envisioning a world ...

where every child has the relationships essential to learn and thrive

who we are and what we do

In partnership with a national network of clinicians, Reach Out ​and Read harnesses the power of pediatric primary care to reach ​families and uses it to promote early literacy and healthy family ​relationships. The only national pediatric literacy model endorsed ​by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Reach Out and Read ​annually serves 4.4 million children and families. Nearly half a ​million of those families live in the Northeast region.

More than a book giveaway program

“Reach Out and Read is so much more than a book giveaway program. Pediatric ​practitioners amplify the impact of giving ​families a book by combining the gift ​with advice from a trusted source about how and why to use it.“

-- Alex Chu, RORNE Executive Director

We believe that there is no better way to help parents support their children’s development than by having a trusted medical caregiver promote ​positive parenting behaviors like daily shared reading. Over two dozen studies confirm the effectiveness of this model.

We also believe that something as important as early literacy and relational health promotion should benefit all children. Since just about every ​child attends well child visits, delivering the program at those visits helps ensure that we are reaching the children who need Reach Out and ​Read the most.


  • Participating families are 2.5X more likely to report ​enjoying reading together and those caregivers are ​2.5X more likely to read to their children

  • Children’s language ability improves with increased ​exposure to Reach Out and Read -- typically by 3-6 ​months

Elderly Woman Reading Book with Kids
Delight diverse parents sitting on sofa with cute baby

OUR commitment to ​representation

We are committed to providing clinics with books that ​authentically reflect the identities and experiences of the ​children and families in their care. We know how ​developmentally important it is for books to provide children ​with both mirrors and windows. Children need to be able see ​characters that look like them and their families -- and ​characters whose lives are very different from their own.


Although all children deserve and benefit from ​participating in the program, we prioritize children in ​historically marginalized communities who benefit the ​most. As part of our effort to expand with equity, we ​are working to increase our programming in Federally ​Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), rural clinics and ​practices with a high percentage of patients covered ​by Medicaid.

Dad read's storybook to baby daughter


The Northeast region includes Connecticut, ​Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, ​Vermont, ​and Upstate New York. Our Maine ​programs will be coming online in July of 2024.


Children aged 0-5


Books distributed


Clinical partners


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Reach Out and Read Northeast could not serve the ​hundreds of thousands of families it does each year ​without the help of generous government, ​foundation, corporate, and individual partners. We ​are grateful to every individual and entity that helps ​us fulfill our mission. Please see our most recent ​annual report for a complete list of our partners.

Help put a book into ​the hands of a child ​who needs one!

Encouraging a child to read

Reach Out and Read is 501(c)3 nonprofit that gives young ​children a foundation for success by incorporating books into ​pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud ​together.

Alex Chu , Regional Executive Director

89 South Street, Suite 201

Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617.455.0600

EIN is 04-3481253